FCC Joins the IJCAA

Florida Community Christian College (FCC) will be joining the Independent Junior College Athletic Association (IJCAA). The IJCAA is an association formed by junior college athletic programs in the United States. It was formed to help less-known schools have an opportunity to play and be seen for their athletic abilities and talents, and at least gain some recognition.

FCC will compete in the Sunshine Coast Conference. They will be competing against other Independent junior college programs. The Conference consists of 5 member institutions in Florida.

 The primary purpose of the IJCAA is to promote and develop junior college athletics by providing an opportunity for post-secondary educational institutions to participate in sports at the varsity level. Each member of the association can have student-athletes transfer from their home institution without losing eligibility if they are admitted into IJCAA schools that are not already filled under their respective student quotas.

The IJCAA sponsors championships in men's and women's athletics. The association provides a great competitive environment and offers opportunities for student-athletes to compete at the national level.

The IJCAA provides an opportunity for student-athletes who may not be academically competitive enough for NCAA guidelines or who wish to attend a local institution with lower tuition rates than many four-year programs. Some IJCAA members are stand-alone institutions, while others are part of larger university systems.

By allowing student-athletes to play at the college level, the IJCAA provides an avenue for students to learn more about their potential major and improve academically and physically before committing to an NCAA Division I or II school.