Florida Community Christian Coach Ronnie Ghent Named IJCAA Athletic Director of the Year

by IJCAA Admin

The IJCAA (Independent Junior College Athletic Association) has named Ronnie Ghent, the head coach of Florida Community Christian, as the Athletic Director of the Year. The award recognizes Coach Ghent's outstanding contributions to his athletic department and the broader college community.

Coach Ghent has been with Florida Community Christian for several years and has made a significant impact on the athletic program. He has led the football team to several successful seasons and has also played a key role in the growth and development of the athletic department as a whole.

Under Coach Ghent's leadership, Florida Community Christian has experienced significant growth in its athletic programs, including the addition of new sports teams, the renovation of athletic facilities, and increased support for student-athletes. He has been a key figure in the college's efforts to promote a strong culture of sportsmanship, academic excellence, and community service.

Coach Ghent has also been a vocal advocate for the IJCAA and its mission to promote excellence in athletics at the junior college level. He has served on several committees within the association and has been a strong voice for student-athletes needs and concerns.

The Athletic Director of the Year award is a fitting recognition of Coach Ghent's hard work, dedication, and commitment to the athletic department and the broader college community. His leadership and contributions have been essential in shaping Florida Community Christian into a thriving athletic program that serves its student-athletes well.

Florida Community Christian is proud to have Coach Ghent as a member of its team and is thrilled to see him recognized with this prestigious award. The college looks forward to continuing its successful partnership with Coach Ghent and to achieving even greater heights in the future.

Congratulations to Coach Ghent on this well-deserved recognition and to the Florida Community Christian athletic department for their continued success in college sports.